Lunchtime Antics - I wish I was a Spoiled Brat

So, this may just be me ranting at the injustices that the poor little rich kids face, but today I wanted to PUNCH LT IN THE FREAKING THROAT!

I have no idea how the conversation started, but when I came into it, I couldn't believe the nerve this freaking girl has.

The director of our office was in the lunch room talking about how she moved her youngest son into his own place this weekend and about how they went out furniture shopping to get all the stuff he needed for his new place, etc. Well, LT has this thing where whenever one of her superiors is in the room she will talk and talk and freaking talk about herself because I guess she thinks this will impress them. She starts in talking about when she moved into her first place on her own, her parents bought her all new furniture, a new sofa, a new bed, and new this and that... then she goes on to say, but it was all used, it was all from one of those Model Home Furnishing Stores... FYI genuis, if it's from one of those stores, it is NOT used. It sat in a Model Home... that does NOT EQUAL USED -- Good Will, that's used! Anyway, after going on about how Mommy and Daddy bought her all her furniture, she went on to say that her Mom and Dad paid her rent until her and her husband got married and he moved in (note: her HUSBAND, not Tim). She says this like this is normal, like all parents pay their children's rent and buy their children furniture... how about supporting yourself? Ever heard of it? NO... I didn't think so. Anyway, she then goes on to say, but I paid for everything for the dog. Like this makes you Mother Teresa... it's your dog, who else is going to pay for it? You freak! And she talks about the dog like it's a kid... I paid for all of Bailey's medical bills and boarding and this and that... You can call your dog by its name, but not your husband?

Something is wrong with you LT... very VERY wrong.

Sorry, today's rant is a little intense, but I HATE when she gets on her priviledged poor little rich girl kick... I want to kick her... in the shin.

Weekend Recap

On Friday night, Jimmy and I went to the Tempe Music Festival. Nothing too exciting happened. The headlining acts were Puddle of Mudd and My Chemical Romance. Puddle of Mudd was relatively entertaining, singing hits like Blurry and She Fucking Hates Me, topped off with the lead singers crazy/bizarre personality. At one point, he stopped about 45 seconds into one of their new songs and told the crowd that they completely messed it up... who does that? None of us knew the song anyway. My Chemical Romance was pretty good. They sound just like they do on their CD. The crowd for them ranged from 12-15 year old screaming girls dressed in black with Alice Cooper eyeliner and weird gloves on. I wanted to tell them that spandex with jean skirts was not some new and exciting fashion trend that they invented... they may want to check out some pics circa 1989...

On our way back to the car as Jimmy was giving me a piggy-back ride and running through the parking lot (my feet were killing me after our mile trek from the festival back to the car), we came across a very distressed lady wandering aimlessly around the parking lot. She asked if she could use our cell phone, we said sure. Turns out, she had been seperated from her boyfriend and their 3 other friends at the music festival and she didn't have her cell phone on her. She had called her boyfriend from other peoples phones and he said he'd meet her by the truck, but she couldn't find the truck in the parking lot and now he wasn't answering his phone. She said she'd been waiting in the parking lot for him for almost two hours and he had yet to show up. We told her that she could catch a ride to her house with us (it was on the way). So, we gave the poor lady a ride home. Her boyfriend called back on Jimmy's phone when we were halfway to her house and ripped her a new one lecturing her about catching a ride with strangers, but he was just leaving the festival. The asshole had left his girlfriend alone in a PITCH BLACK parking lot for over two hours... jerk.

Saturday and Sunday were relatively uneventful, did a shitload of laundry, cleaned my house and attempted to install a dog run. The dog run project is currently on hold until next weekend, but will be great... :)


Conversations with Crazies

I work in downtown Phoenix, so I have a lot of crazy conversations with crazy people that meander around, but this one far beat out anything I can remember.

Below is a picture of the approximate location of my random/crazy conversation (see the red arrow).
Premise: I had just picked up Sarah Wednesday afternoon from her office (a few blocks from mine) and we were carpooling home. At a stoplight, a very large white pickup pulled up next to my car on the drivers side. My window was cracked maybe 4 inches. I glance over and see a man that slightly resembled Fred Durst.

The following converstaion with "Fred" ensued:

Fred - "Hey, you're hot."

Me - Look at him.

Fred - "We should make out."

Me - Laugh at him.

Fred - Starts using his fingers to show what making out would look like if it were your two index fingers...

Me - Start laughing more and glance at Sarah with the 'OMG' expression on my face.

Fred - "No seriously. We're both hot, we should make out."

Me - "I don't think my husband would like that very much."

Fred - "But I'm hot, right?"

Me - Laugh at him again.

Fred - "My friend (referring to the driver of the truck) is really hot too."

Light turns green. I floor it.


It was just funny and very bizarre. And to top off the interesting ride home, I saw a statue being towed by a pick-up truck in stand still traffic on the I-10 that looked like a mix of Olive Oil (the character from Popeye) and a dinosaur... It was weird. And to end the day, I saw a license plate that said... TAPDDAT.

Oh, what a ride.


Travel Teachings

So, I learn more and more things everytime I travel. I think the main lesson learned with this most recent trip was that going to weddings where you know no one is not all that fun. It was nice to visit my Mom though and to be there on her birthday was great. I also realized that I HATE FLYING US AIRWAYS! The staff is not friendly in ANY way and act like you are a huge inconvenience to them. I've flown them a few times recently and this is their general disposition. I paid you to fly on this plane, BE NICE TO ME!

Anyway, other than that no major events this weekend. Flew from PHX to Reno, stayed at my Mom's house on Thur-Sun. The wedding was in Genoa (near Tahoe) on Saturday at David Wallie's Hot Spring Resort. It's an interesting place. Kind of smelled like sulfur. The wedding was short and sweet, relatively quaint. Everyone knew everyone as the bride and groom and their entire families are from Fallon, NV (population 12... not really, more like 4,000, but small none the less). I knew a total of 6 people at the wedding... not a whole lot of fun, but it's family.

I'll post some pics of the wedding when I get them... waiting for my Mom to send them.

Other updates:

No lunchtime antic update... LT is out of town until Thursday. Reports will resume at that time.

I worked out this morning, first time in the gym since last Wednesday as I was out of town all weekend. It was fine.


Lunchtime Antics Part I

Working in the high budget state office we work in leads to interesting lunch times. In a recent effort to budget our lives, Traci and I have been bringing our lunch. With limited space, we use our conference room as our lunch room from 12-1 (and if your meeting runs past noon in the conference room, be prepared to face death). These lunch meetings tend to be relatively entertaining and usually a lot more than mildly annoying. The annoying portion of lunch can usually be attributed to one person... we will call her "Laugh Talk" or LT for short. For the entertainment of myself and Traci, I will begin to document these lunchtime antics and LT's super annoying ways.

For Lunchtime Antics Part I, I will give you the background on LT and how/why she is so annoying.

LT's Annoying Habits:

  1. She talks and laughs at the same time making the ability to understand what she is saying thoroughly difficult (hence the nickname LT)
  2. She laughs at what she thinks is hilarious, but is usually so irrelevant to what you are talking about and so lacking in anything even remotely funny that the story ends up making you laugh because it is so absurd to begin with.
  3. She will make any conversation you are having about her.
  4. She went to private school and won't let you forget it... frequently asking newbies at the lunch table, "So, what was public school like?"
  5. She NEVER has anything relevant to say... EVER... and no matter what she is saying, it is said with the LT...
  6. She is horribly socially awkward...
  7. On most days her pants are two sizes too small.
  8. She refers to her husband as "my husband"... most of us have met him multiple times, we know his name... call him by his name...

So moving on to today's antics by LT:

We were all finishing up our lunches talking about my recent trip to Reno to visit the familia. I was talking about my brother and how he is too smart for his own good and will frequently fail tests on purpose to see how people will react (he is a weird child... I know). LT chimes in, "Don't they have COG programs for him?" I wanted to ask her if that was something they have in private schools because none of us public school minions knew what she was talking about.

Oh, and she always talks about ASU baseball. Granted, 80% of our office went to ASU, which is great, and a lot of people like baseball, but she thinks she is the coolest person EVER because she goes to the ASU baseball games... really, college baseball? I dunno, maybe that jus annoys me. And while I was boasting about how WSU was playing UNC in the sweet sixteen semifinals, all she could say was "all of my teams are out"... who freaking cares, shut your mouth LT!

And the winner of today's lunch time random interjection of the day... We were talking about something random, not sure what exactly... LT starts laughing, which we all know will lead to the OBNOXIOUS laugh-talk and what does she say... OH DEAR LORD HELP US!

"We were on our way to the Sunrise Service for Easter and we saw a bunny cross the road and my Grandma said, 'Oh, look there's the Easter Bunny' and it was just funny because it was Easter and we saw a bunny..."

Really??? WTF LT?


Workin' Out

Worked out today at 5:45 AM... let's recap the progress thus far:

  • Thursday 3/6 5:45 AM Pilates
  • Monday 3/10 5:45 AM Cardio, 6:00 PM Cardio/Weights
  • Tuesday 3/11 5:45 AM Ball Core
  • Wednesday 3/12 6:00 PM Cardio
  • Thursday 3/13 6:00 PM Cardio
  • Friday 3/14 6:00 AM Cardio
  • Tuesday 3/18 5:45 AM Ball Core

So, in the 12 days, I have worked out 8 times... not too bad, that averages out to 4x/week! I'm workin' on reaching that goal, and I am determined to make this a habit...

I know you probably don't care about my workout schedule, but writing it down helps reinforce that I am doing well!!!


A St. Patty's Day Rant

On a day made for wearing green and getting drunk, some people are ridiculous downers. On a day that you are allowed to wear jeans and dress up in ridiculous green outfits, where you are free from the "business professional" wardrobe that makes up our existence, why? Why would you not branch out, have a little fun? I know I am not the most over-the-top-in-green person, but at least I am wearing green... what a concept.

So Traci, I think it's a brilliant idea that you walk around with the little shamrock stickers and give them to all the non-green-wearing-downers we work with. And as you hand it to them, accompany it with a nice little, "You Suck!"...

All ranting aside, we finally finished our master bathroom. And it looks GLORIOUS!


Oh, the pain!

So I haven't been up to work out the last two mornings. My body is revolting against this new habit. I did go to the gym last night and did 20 minutes on the eliptical and 20 minutes on the stationary bike. That's about all my poor legs could handle... I look like I'm 90 years old when I walk...

I decided against trying to go to Pilates this morning... if I can't walk, I probably shouldn't try to get my body into unnatural positions. I will go to the gym tonight though and get my cardio in for the day.

For those of you that know me, this will come as a shock --

I ate SALAD for dinner last night. That's right. Baby spinach, cucumbers, fat-free caeser-italian dressing, and only a few croutons. Be proud.

AND-- I am eating the same salad + chicken for lunch today... and guess what I bought as snacks...

Yogurt-covered raisins, walnuts, lots of fruit...

I'm trying folks!


Workout Update

Once again... up at 4:45 am for my 5:30am workout. Today was the ball core class... it's killer! No really... it murders my thighs. Ouch... I can hardly cross my legs.

Oh, and adding to my super new motivated self. I worked out last night too... That's right, twice in one day. Jimmy thinks I might hurt myself at this rate, so I am taking tomorrow off to let my body recoup a little. But back in on Thursday for Pilates at 5:45 am!

Peace out home skillet!


The Hallway of Awkwardness

In our building, you have to walk about a 1/4 of a mile to the bathroom... not really, but it can seem that way. To get to the bathroom, you have to exit our office and walk down a really long straight hallway. We share our building with about 600 other state employees, most of which are obviously complete strangers. Herein comes the hallway of awkwardness! As you are making your trek to the bathroom, you see someone at the other end of the hallway (40-80 yards away). The dilemma is this: Do I smile and acknowledge them now or do I wait until they are closer to me. If I acknowledge them now, then I have to look away for the remaining 30-70 yards and as I actually pass them act like I am looking at the nice name plate on the wall... If I wait to acknowledge them until they are passing, then I have ignore them for 30-70 yards until that exact moment of passing... it creates a very awkward walk down the hall.

The science of it is deciphering when they are going to acknowledge you...

Regardless of the awkwardness, it makes walking to the bathroom quite the adventure.

Checking In...

Day two of waking up at 4:45 AM and working out.... CHECK!

I would have worked out this weekend, but the gym was closed Friday-Sunday due to the 20th Annual Ostrich Festival using their parking lot. Excitement, I know.


You should be Impressed... Really.

I woke up this morning at 5:00 AM and went to a 5:45 AM PILATES class. That's right ladies and gentleman... I, Elysia Nicole Labita, worked out... in the morning. It wasn't all that difficult. I am determined to go at least three times per week, in the morning. I'm going to make this a habit, I will keep you posted on how that goes.

What spurred this sudden motivation? A new community center opened right by my house and they are offering the gym and the fitness classes for FREE until the rest of the community center (there is a learning center and some other things) is ready to be open to the public. So until the beginning of May, it's FREE! Woohoo! Free is a great motivator. And then I get to try it out for two months and see if I can make is something consistent before I start blowing $30/month on a membership.

Yeah for me and my motivation. Aren't you proud?


Growing Up

No word yet on the cell phone bill. Nikole obviously isn't paying me for it so I called T-Mobile and asked if they could remove the charges since I didn't place any of the calls. Didn't tell them I knew who did of course, but since none of the numbers she called have EVER showed up on my phone bill, I'm hoping that they will take off the charges. After that's over, I can let it all go and chalk it up as a lesson learned. Money+Friends doesn't mix.

Anyway, I've been realizing lately that I am getting older. That people I know are all having children, or are already on their second or third. I'm only 23, so I usually don't think that I am that old, but realizing that my friends and acquantances are starting families makes me realize that I'm growing up. That people my age are at that point in their lives. It's started making me really think about when I will be ready to have a family. I know I am not ready now, but when will I be... a year, five years... I don't know, and my Mom is starting to drop hints that she would like grandkids... FREAKY! It's not that I don't want children, because I totally do and everytime I'm around babies, I totally start to get the fever, but I want so many more things to be checked off my life list before I have kids. I know they make your life so much better, but they also make it harder to do things, to get up and go places, to sleep in... So, here is my life list of things I want to do before I have kids:

  • Take a honeymoon
  • Pay off my credit cards
  • Get my MBA
  • Travel, travel, and travel (Destination #1: Italy)
  • Figure out my career goals and where/what I want to do
  • Build up my savings account
  • See the Grand Canyon (I live in Arizona, so this one should be easy!)
  • Completely finish all the repairs/upgrades/decorating in my house
  • Get a regular workout routine (i.e., get in the habit of working out 3-4 times/week)

That's all I got for now. Not much I know, I will have to think about the rest. But look at my list... it's very "GROWN UP" isn't it... my point exactly! It's sad. Dude, we're getting old!