Pumpkin results

The results were delivered by the ever annoying LT... accompanied by the laugh-talk of course. Her awkward presentation revealed the following:

Scariest: Happy Hoo-hoo-la-ween... ok...
Most Creative: McPumpkin
Most Goofy: Pumpkin Gobbler (goofy wasn't really what we were going for, but we won so, WOO.)

Forced enjoyment... or something.

In an office where morale is relatively low as our job future is uncertain at best, the powers that be like to host holiday related events, otherwise known as "forced enjoyment." With limitations of course, it can only last for 45 minutes. Seriously. Today's festivities were an office wide pumpkin carving contest. Thank you to the special events committee for planning our event! It was fun, even with the forced limitations...

Here are all the entries:

Here is ours:

We don't know who won yet, but here are my very educated guesses:

Most Creative: Happy Hoo-Hoo-La-Ween (the painted owl mascarade mask)

Most Goofy: The McPumpkin

Scariest most bestest pumpkin EVER: The Pumkin Gobbler YEA!!!


Regardless of your party preference...

This cracked me up.

The end.

Days like this...

It's times like this that remind me I am one smart cookie. Seriously, there are some people in this world that are so freaking stupid. How do they survive? And why are they allowed to procreate?

The register girl at Subway, I hand her a gift card, she looks at me and asks if it's a point card... really, don't you work here? Don't you know the difference? The sandwich boy at Subway, the line is held up by the challenged girl at the register so he just keeps on taking orders even though she is 15 people deep. The customers aren't even near the counter and he just keeps taking orders. At one point, they lose track of whose turkey sandwich they are working on and have to ask the crowd. Seriously? I'm obviously smarter than they are.

The tool at the bar on Saturday night. I ask him where the girls bathroom is. He shakes his head like he has no idea so I walk away. Him and his friend start laughing. I turn around and the bathroom is down the hall the opposite direction. They think they are hilarious for tricking me into walking the wrong way. I smack his chest as I walk by and tell him he's a tool. I realize now I could have gotten knocked out by the drunk guy for slapping him in the chest at a bar, but I was a little intoxicated and he pissed me off. I'm obviously smarter than him.

The imbeciles I work with who think the world will end if the ACT database isn't restored in 0.5 seconds. Really, the world does not end if the ACT database is down, we are fine. All we do is play on the internet all day anyway, so we don't give a crap if the server crashes. Given that we may or may not have jobs next month makes us not want to get our work done. But please, PLEASE, run down the hall and tell me the server is back up and I can get back online. Oh, and you too, oh and one more. Cuz I needed 8 people to tell me I can get back into the database. (this didn't happen to me directly as I don't use this particular database, but I'm venting like I know the intern wanted to.) I'm totally smarter than these people (and have way better things to do than obsess over the server. :)

The idiot behind the front desk at our hotel this weekend. I walk into the hotel and stop at the front desk. The girl just stares at me. I'm waiting for a greeting or some indication that she wants me to say something. She just stares. I say, "Uh, Labita?" She types in my name. Asks me to write down my car make/model. Asks if I want one key or two. No Hi how are you, no welcome to Shilo Inn, NOTHING. Does she know she works in the hospitality industry? What does that word mean? And not only was it her. In the two entire days we were at that hotel, in and out multiple times a day, we were only greeted once, as we were checking out. Again, I'm WAY smarter than these people.

I love feeling smart. It makes me happy.

What makes you happy?


My Birthday Present.

This was waiting for me at the top of the stairs when I got home from work today. My birthday isn't until Friday, but Jimmy isn't good at keeping surprises or secrets. I LOVE IT!

These made me laugh.


Want a Free Purse?

I never win anything EVER, but I wanted to give this a shot.

You should too.

Handbag Planet is giving away 24 bags in 24 hours on October 15th. In two easy steps, you can enter to win. Clickity here if you're interested!

It's hard to decide which on you want... they are all really stinkin' cute!


Economics 101

I totally ripped this off from another blog, but it was so insightful (and funny) that I couldn't resist.

If your bummed about Wall Street and the feds spending a bumload of cash on ugly
houses or whatever (details weird me out), never fear!

Guys, the same thing totally happened to Britney.

It's like a modern-day pride cycle, and those ALWAYS work out well. Remember how Brit was awesome and hot with a rockin' bod and cute boys loved her, then all of a sudden she was a fat druggie hag clawing at camras and her cutie kids had to go with creepy thugged-out K-Fed while she was in germy downer rehab? Remember how all the quote-un-quote experts said her carreer was over, they said she'd totally crashed and burned and there was no hope and the years of riotis living had caught up with her, end of story??


All the so-called experts are flipping out, shrieking "It's gonna be worse than the Great Depression!" (which honestly, would it be that bad?? Black and white is cool, everyone was super skinny back then AND raggy = vintage = HOT so I say, bring it! My forlorn slash hungry pout is one of my cutest). Anyways, everyone saying the economies are toast is just like when everyone said fatty Brit was here to stay. Guess what, America!? Haters were wrong! Did you SEE all those VMAs and how she's hot again??? Have you LOOKED at the top 10 on itunes lately?? Just like Britney, the econ's gonna come back hotter than EVER. So ok, maybe we as a nation have to go through our own custody probs, psychyatric evals, bad slash crazy hairdos, etc., but then the USA will have its own economic version of BRITNEY IS FREAKING BACK!

Our economy now:

Our economy soon:

Stole from here.

It's almost Over!

I sent in my early ballot today.

Woohoo. Now I just have to wait until 11/4 when they are all counted up!


Praise Jesus

Like this...


Clickity here for an AWESOME clip from the soup. It's Amazing and kinda makes me want to get up a dance. Kinda.


Oh Yea!

I got a new hair cut... FINALLY.

Whatcha think?


4 weeks.

It's been 4 weeks today. I'm a little upset, but I'm ok. I made this the other day and wanted to share...


Holy Scrap!

I'm impatient. Really, really impatient. And I get bored super, SUPER easily.

I've tried to scrapbook for a few years not, but it is an expensive and time consuming habit. Your efforts are rewarded at a VERY slow pace, and it costs you a pretty penny.

I came across this site:


You scrapbook online using all kinds of pre-fabricated backgrounds, stickers, etc. and then can save the files and print them yourselves or the website will print your book for you. The services are FREE, the only cost is any printing done through the company.

So, if you're like me and you're cheap and impatient, check it out and finally put those pics you've had on your computer for YEARS into a memory book!

My new "headline" is my first attempt at scrapping online.

You like?