I promise, I'm still here. I've been absorbed into the world of James. :)
He's 7 weeks old today! My god how time flies.

I'm back at work as of last Tuesday. I'm working 3 day weeks Tues-Thurs and am loving my 4 day weekends. If all goes well, we should be able to swing my part-time schedule until my FMLA expires beginning of December. I love love love being home with him, so being able to do this and be with him until he's 5ish months old is awesome.

So, let me tell you about my little man. He's amazing. Everyone tells me how beautiful he is. And they are sure to clarify that babies are not normally cute, but he really REALLY is. And I know it. He's Smart too! If I stick my tongue out at him, he will stick his out too... smart cookie right there. He's starting to smile and trying to laugh although it sounds more like a cough. The cooing sounds he makes are to die for! The kid only cries when he's tired or hungry and he will shut up the instant you stick a boob or a bottle in his mouth or swaddle him (depending on if he's hungry or tired, although the boob works to shut him up no matter his issue. :))

I'm so incredibly in love. I now know what this is all about. He is the reason I'm here and I couldn't be happier. Jimmy and I are adjusting to our new reality and it is perfection.

I will try to be better at uploading pics. I send them to my Mom daily.

Here is one from earlier this week - 6 weeks old.