Oh, Politics

This is going to be the LONGEST 4 months. The politcal ads are starting and they are driving me crazy already! Really, I need a banner ad on my MYSPACE page bashing a candidate? Already? Already? Oh dear lord, help us.

I love talking politics and I love learning about peoples views and opinions, but really, please don't talk unless you educate yourselves on what your politician of choice's views and opinions really are. I hate the ignorance that I hear come out of people's mouths. It's annoying. It's frustrating that some people who are so intelligent in other areas of their lives are so prone to being sucked in by propoganda and begin to spread it around without doing their research onto whether any of it is backed by truth.

So please, educate yourselves. And if you don't want to educate yourself, then please don't talk to me. I don't want to hear it.

On that note:

And I can claim support as to one person over another as I have done my research and I truly believe that this country needs to change their ways and this is the best man for the job. If you'd like to "discuss" my views versus yours, feel free, but please... make sure you are "educated" on the facts, whichever way you choose to vote.


Father's Day

In honor of Father's Day:

My favorite memories:

  • Mom telling me no, you ALWAYS telling me yes.
  • The many MANY times you embarassed me in public. Following me around Target pretending to be "mentally challenged" while dragging your feet and slapping your hand against your chest screaming my name at the top of your lungs with a pretend lisp. Just because you thought it was funny.
  • The time I surprised you one weekend when Anna and I ventured the 7 hour drive from Pullman to Twin Falls. I was talking to you on the phone on Saturday morning asking what's for breakfast and then I walked through the front door and you dropped the phone and hugged me and picked me up and swung me around.
  • The time you chased me around the Western Days Street Dance when I was in High School and tried to get me to dance with you. You were a goofy dancer and I was a teenager, so I wouldn't dance with you. the people around us thought you were harrassing me.
  • How you were always there to listen to me and how you always took my friends under your wing.
  • Our two AM discussions over a giant bowl of cereal.
  • How you'd leave me leftovers in the microwave for when I got home from work after you went to bed.
  • How you always called me "Baby Girl" even when I was all grown up.

It's been four years since you left. I miss you each and every day, but it's gotten easier. I sure do miss you and I love you just as much as ever. You've missed a few things. I got married. I own a home. I moved to Arizona. I'm all grown up Dad. I know that you know this because I know that you watch out for me. I take comfort in talking to you in the car sometimes when I'm alone. I know that you are finally happy and that you want nothing more than for me to be happy, and I am. I'm keeping an eye on Chelsea and she is turning into an amazing young woman! She's getting her license, can you believe it??? Anyway, I love you daddy.

Happy Father's Day!

Still your baby girl--



Do you have to be THAT guy?

Never ceases to amaze me that "THAT" guy manages to emerge no matter where you are or what you are doing. There is always the same THAT guy in our weekly meetings with our advertising agency and he always manages to say inappropriate things attempting to get a laugh.
A little history on THAT guy.

  • He used to be a DJ but happened to have a friend that owns a prominent local ad agency, so he is now the Creative Director. Doesn't matter that he has no background in design...

  • He is a "writer" and supposedly spends a lot of his time on the clock as "creative director" supplementing his freelance writing career. A recent article focused on the life of Scottsdale Cougars. He was his own experiment. No one had the heart to break it to him that he is the male version of a cougar, but not really as good looking as he thinks he is and too loud for his own good... otherwise known as a jackass. Oh, and not to mention that he looks as old as he is which defeats goes against everything "cougar."

  • He thinks he's god's gift to women and is known in the Phoenix advertising world as quick a "busy" man. Apparently, he's popular with the ladies... read: the interns looking to advance in the ad world. Dirty old man.

  • He thinks he's hilarious and manages to make awful inappropriate jokes at any given time. Not that I'm opposed to inappropriate jokes, but there is a place and time for everything. He's sitting in a government office, where the environment is usually formal and hello, you are talking to your "client" and what does he do... cracks a joke about skipping out on a meeting because he needs a colonoscopy. What? Why? Ew.

Wow... meetings with THAT guy are entertaining if nothing else. Slightly obnoxious and usually thoroughly annoying, but I suppose I manage to find entertainment somewhere.

Maybe I should work on a follow-up to his Cougar story and document a night in the life of a jackass in Scottsdale. Now THAT would be entertaining.

Arrest me NOW.

I just read an article in the newspaper that absolutely APPALLED me. Apparently, two high schools in South Carolina had the local police ARREST people at their graduation ceremonies who cheered "too loud" for their family member or friend. The schools had asked the students and their family/friends to hold their cheers until all names had been read. When people cheered after individual names were announced, they were escorted out of the ceremony and ARRESTED and face a fine of up to $1,000. In some case, the students' diplomas were HELD until they completed an 8-hour community service class to make up for their family/friends distruptive behavior at their graduation. For the full story, click here.

Are you freaking kidding me?!? What kind of dictatorship regime are we living in?

It was bad enough at my high school graduation when they wouldn't let us bounce the giant beach ball...

How to entertain myself???

My husband is out of town training for his job this whole week. The last two nights, I have searched unsuccessfully to find something entertaining on TV and have tried to read a few books, but manage to get bored quite quickly. Last night I gave in and managed to entertain myself for two whole hours.

How you ask? Only by playing the best game EVER.

Wii MarioKart is the best game ever... seriously. I won gold medals all night long... made me feel like a superstar. So, not only is the Wii paving the way in video games by getting people off their butts and standing up and moving around while they enjoy this virtual world, but it also helps build self esteem by giving me false hope that I may be better than my husband at some video game out there some day.

I'm going to keep practicing so that when he comes home, I can lead a full frontal assault on his mariokart skills and completely kick his booty. He'll have no idea.

On a side note, I'm interested in checking out Wii fit, but somehow think doing yoga poses on a balance board led by a virtual teacher could be dangerous for the embarassingly uncoordinated person that I am.


A new ADD medication???

What is this interesting purple can you ask???

This is DRANK.
Tagline: Slow Your Roll.


According to drink creators, "From design to production, every aspect of this calming drink was inspired by today’s popular hip hop artists who embrace the much sought-after hip hop lifestyle that encourages people to capture a stress-free state of mind.

Drank is a carbonated, grape-flavored beverage spiked with melatonin, valerian root and rose hips. Apparently it is "very, very popular in Houston," and it's sold throughout the south in liquor and convenience stores. .

So, if Houston loves it... it's gotta be good.

I know of a few obnoxiously "hyper" people who could use some DRANK to slow their roll... do you?