How is my baby 1/2 a year old???

This coming Friday, my baby will be 6 months old... first of all, how the heck did this happen? How in the world did my baby grow so fast? We go to the Dr. again on Friday for our 6 month check-up so I will report back on the stats next week.

Some updates. If I sit him up, he can keep himself up for a really LONG time. Unless a toy catches his attention and he leans too far in his attempt to get it. He can push himself up on both arms and is trying to figure out how to propel himself... I think we will be crawling in the next few weeks. We have tried all the flavors of Stage One baby food including peas, green beans, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, applesauce, pears, peaches, bananas, and prunes. We are also good with rice cereal and oatmeal. So far, there isn't anything he doesn't like... woohoo! We will be moving on to stage two foods shortly.

Other than that, nothing major. I have some more update to make including pics from New Years and pics to come from Anna's visit this weekend and my Mom's visit next weekend. So keep an eye out.

Also note the new pics month by month on the side bar.

Santa is GOOD

James had an amazing first Christmas. Given he was only 5 months old, it was definitely more for us than it was for him. His favorite part? The wrapping paper! He loved it. We had a really fun, low key day. Spent the morning as just the three of us, Jimmy's Mom came over later in the afternoon for a few hours and then we went to Jimmy's Dad's house for dinner.

Nothing too exciting, but here are some pics!

Hope yours was great!