It's A...


I'm already knee deep in adorable baby girl clothes and I'm so thrilled. Jimmy and I would have been happy either way, but we're ecstatic to have one of each and I'm really excited for Jimmy to finally understand what it's like to have a little girl in his life.

Our anatomy scan was absolutely perfect. The ultrasound tech took his sweet sweet time to tell us the sex, but she has a perfect brain, heart, organs, bones, etc. She was measuring about half a pound at 18 weeks, which is right on track. According to the weekly updates, today (at 20 weeks), she is about 6.5 inches long and will likely double that here in the next 4-5 weeks, so we've got a lot of growing to do. I feel her pretty consistently. Like her brother, she moves around like a crazy person after I eat. Let's hope she gets the Labita appetite.

We've bought fabric for the nursery so I'm excited to start crafting. We will be buying James a big boy bed here in the next few weeks and I hope to go pick out paint this weekend to paint her room. From there, we only need a few bigger things as we bought most of the large items gender neutral with James. It's just adding cute clothes to her adorable wardrobe and personalizing her room. We can't wait for December!

Oh, and her name is officially Aubrey Ann. Her middle name is after my dear grandmother Ann. She isn't my grandmother by blood, but she's been a part of my life since day one and has always been such a strong presence of support for me and my family. I'm honored to be able to pass on her name to our little girl.

I'll work on getting better about pics... No promises. ;)