Day 2

Yesterday was cake... I ate my 5 medifast meals and my lean/green meal without any real problems. Didn't have any major cravings, felt good about myself. I liked all the foods I ate. Today -- a whole different story. I think the biggest part of it was that I was at work today and I am not a huge fan of work. My old routine was to get out of dodge for lunch (preferably to chik-fil-a). I also enjoyed a daily soda (or two). Being in that environment was tough. I started my day early and had a bar on the way to work. Then I tried the Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal... yuck. It was gross and pasty, not a fan. Glad I thought to bring an extra meal just in case. Everything else for the day was fine. I think I like the Oatmeal Raisin and S'more Crunch bars best.

I realized today that I need 3 servings of veggies, not the one I had yesterday or the two I had today. Given that I was STARVING for the first half of the day, I think if I bring 1/2-1 cup of veggies to work and maybe even half my lean meal for lunch, that will make me feel better. I craved everything today: Chik-fil-a, chocolate, soda, pasta, bread, everything that I knew I shouldn't have. In the end, I couldn't let myself fall off track on Day 2. That would be W-E-A-K. So here I am... the end of day 2 and proud of myself. :)